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Venezuela is going through one of the worst economic and social situation in the history of South America. The whole country is suffering a humanitarian crisis with no precedents in the region that has a devastating impact on animals. Thousand of pets are being abandoned because their owners have no way to feed them or take care of them, and thousands of people have left their pets behind because they had been forced to leave the country. Shelters, sanctuaries and animal aid centers as well as rescue crews and volunteers are overwhelmed, over capacity and in a state of emergency due to the general shortage of food, supplies and services, and the general chaos.
Our mission is focused on helping well established and reputable non-profit organizations in Venezuela, with proven competency in rescuing and helping animals.
The main aspects to be taken care of are:
Pet food supply.
Funds for veterinarian care including but not limited to: emergencies, vaccination, neutering and spaying and preventing health care for animals aid center.


To become a nationwide organization in Venezuela dedicated to optimize all resources to help, assist and protect animals in need. To develop and implement preventive healthcare system for animals in need. To develop and implement campaigns for creating awareness of animal rights. Contact Us!




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