About Us

Our foundation named “Bennie Animal Rescue” was inspired by a little dog called Bennie.

Bennie was like an angel that landed on my lap some years ago. This is his story:

Bennie belonged to a good friend of mine, we used to spend weekends wondering around the town and taking Bennie for walks all over wherever we went. During all this time Bennie and I developed a good bond, it was like he had been with me since he was a little puppy. My friend began to notice that when I was not around him, he began having separation anxiety attacks; she could not understand this behavior and thought that perhaps he would be very happy if I took him with me home.

When my friend asked me if I would like to take Bennie with me, I did not hesitate to accept her very altruistic offer!

Bennie and I spent seven years together, all those years he filled my life with love and happiness but, destiny took him away from me; my heart was broken and I still have him with me everywhere I go.

To fill the emptiness in my life, I adopted another dog that I named Bruno; still Bennie forms part of my life even though he is no longer physically with me.

uring all this time I began thinking: wouldn’t it be nice if other people could experience what I did with Bennie?

Then I decided to create a foundation to help all dogs abandoned in my home country, Venezuela, to not only to match them with people here in Florida; but also provide food and medical care for hundreds of them that have been abandoned and do not have proper shelter.

Your help would make sure that these dogs are well fed and taken care of as well as providing a lovely home with families around your city.

Thank you,

Marina Clausen

Meet the Team

Marina Clausen

Roxana Aponte

Michelle Roberts

Eva Chacon





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